Live Event Sound-Design & Score (2018) Luminul | 'Tetralume'

In collaboration with producer Ason Intrigue, we were asked by Luminul to sound-design and score what would be described as "a one of a kind performance that combines choreographed LED lighting animated to a theatrical soundscape accompanied by modern dance within a sacred geometric structure, the tetrahedron.”  You can watch the video above and read an in-depth analysis on this interesting project HERE. Read Ason's HERE.

Sound-Design & Trailer Video Edit, (2017) Fringe Life |  'Poster Grrl' (Short Film & Trailer)

Directed by Ason Intrigue & Chelsea Anders sound-design & Trailer editing by ill poetic for SoundRzn. This film is prepping for an official 2018 festival run and nationwide release, however the trailer is availble above. Read an in-depth write-up on the process of creating this sound-design HERE

Sound-Design, Music Production & Treatment, (2017) ill poetic |  'Bleach'

Directed by Ason Intrigue & ill poetic. Storyboarded, scored and sound-designed by ill poetic for SoundRzn.

Sound-Design & Music Production, (2016) Red Pill |  'Instinctive Drowning'"

Directed by Ason Intrigue, sound-design & production by ill poetic for SoundRzn.

Animation, Sound-Design & Music Production, Writing (2016) ill poetic |  'Silhouette'"

Directed by Ason Intrigue & Myself with additional effects by Keenan Parry, this video took nearly 5 years to see life. What started as brainstorming session between myself & Ason in 2011 led to storyboards, early treatments and even a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for upgraded equipment. The song-writing and music was arranged and produced by myself with various musician accompaniment. Animation was done in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and then finally Premiere. Expect much more documentation on the entire "Silhouette Project" campaign in the near future.

Video, Sound-Design & Score (2016) "Definition Music |  'Something Greater'"

Definition Music is an indie record label that describes themselves as a platform for a growing collective of artists to present music, art & film that explores, connects, transcends and stands for something greater. SoundRzn handled the entire sonic & visual layout for this commercial as well as the labels logo and website.

Sound-Design & Score Mix (2016) "I Am The Decimal"

For this short film written around 3 musical pieces by Kindred Bay, I handled all sound-design and EFX, as well as co-mixing the musical pieces. Visual EFX and editing by Keenan Perry, Filming by Ason Intrigue.

Sound-Design & Scoring (2011) "The Enemies You Keep"

As this film neared completion of shooting, I was brought in mid-way through editing to begin work on sound-designing and co-scoring the film. This work included recording new vocal tracks with the actors for muffled dialog as well as re-creating each subtle sound-effect unable to be captured in the films original audio takes. Textures, tones and 'feel' was added as well as a layer of surreal effects. Finally we began to place the music throughout the film. This film won Fan Favorite in the Physis Film Festival of 2011.

Sound-Design & Scoring (2012) "(STRENGTH)"

This promotional short film for the company Muscle Basix includes an original scored piece along with sound-design, vocal coaching & recording of the 3 participants and on-sight filming assistance.

Live Sound-Design  (2012) Jason Dhir MegaParty

SoundRzn was given the opportunity to 'live sound-design' one of the biggest events in Columbus: The Jason Dhir Megaparty. Year after year, M. Dhir develops a growing live carnival of action inside a huge club; from fire-eaters, trapeze artists, to airbrushed dancers carving a girl out of an ice chest and black-robed violinists.

Sound-Design (2015) "SoundRzn Commercial"

This commercial was edited, sound-designed, and scored by ill poetic for SoundRzn. The commercial includes footage by Frank Luna, Ason Intrigue, Walter Nini & Tyler Yowell.

Sound-Design (2013) "Liberty Tax Mutual Commercial"

A demo of a commercial for the company Liberty Tax Mutual, in collaboration with Tyler Yowell.

Scoring (2011) "Arris Demo Reel"

Demo Reel Scoring for the film team Arris Productions.

Sound-Design & Scoring (2013) ill poetic "A Part of the Art: The Silhouette Project"

This crowd-funding campaign video includes original pieces taken from multiple albums by ill poetic re-orchestrated together along with sound-design mixing for all interview vocals included.

Sound-Design & Scoring (2012) ill poetic "A Piece of Our Soul in the Road"

This Behind-the-Scenes video includes original pieces taken from multiple albums by ill poetic re-orchestrated together along with sound-design mixing for all interview vocals included.

Sound-Design & Scoring (2012) ill poetic "Gone"

Primarily scoring for the ill poetic video "Gone" with light sound-designing included as well.

Sound-Design & Scoring (2013) "Ohio Takeover Tour Promotional Video"

A promotional video for the company VoiceOfRzn & Ohio Hip-Hop artist Stalley (MMG) for a 2012 tour run, includes light production accents and heavy sound-design. Visuals by Arris Productions.