Above are  examples of logos I've designed under SoundRzn, including record labels, medical training companies, DJs, chefs, and speaker amp companies among many more. Each logo goes through a preliminary consultation session with the client, a series of rough sketches in collaboration with the client, and then finally we work to create a final draft, as pictured above.


I typically try to build a logo that first works effectively in black & white. From there, I'll often make various drafts with different textures and colors to broaden that concept's potential. Above are a few examples of logos that started in mostly black & white and would later involve playing with texture and color additions.



I'll typically build multiple drafts and ideas for a client. After establishing the client's field and working vision, we collaborate to build something we feel is long-lasting and applicable to every possible surface the logo could sit on. I'll sometimes build ideas that don't work out initially, but they all help to narrow down what works and what doesn't.


The above shows examples of how many type choices we'll run through to find exactly what feels right. I'd already build an actual logo for the company, but the client wanted a separate logo built strictly from type. I'm a huge font nerd and love playing around with different combinations until I can find what I feel speaks to what the client is looking to achieve.