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From my experience as both a client and service provider, below are a few things to consider when searching for the right designer or project manager for your project in questions:

  1. You can get a general idea of what you’re looking to accomplish with your project overall by asking yourself a series of questions about specific goals for yourself, your business or your project in question. As service providers, we want to know what your goals are so we can help you achieve them. The more you understand your goals, the better we can assist in creating a solution.

  2. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with prospective service providers. Before you get into a business and creative relationship with someone, you want to feel comfortable and confident that both of you are on the same page and are in complete understanding of each other.

  3. From my experience, it helps to view yourself as a partner more so than a client. The more informative, communicative and prepared you are, the greater the chance we can exceed beyond expectations. A partnership allows for a certain level of trust: clients want to know they can trust in who they’ve invested time, energy, and most importantly their project. A provider wants to know they can trust their client to follow through with their promises as it relates to a project. They also want to trust the client is passionate enough about the project to launch it into the world, which is a win for everyone.

  4. Never be afraid to ask for revisions. The first draft of anything is almost never quite perfect. From my experience, the revision process is truly where good work becomes great work. It makes the client happy beyond their wildest dreams, both as a finished product and because of the collaborative path to reach it. It also makes the designer happy to have something fantastic to add to their portfolio.

I invite you to view my portfolio and blog thoroughly: this blog links to projects and events I and my team are constantly designing, coordinating or performing at. Click HERE to link to a series of columns I write about everything from freelancing to music and life. I’m happy to personally follow-up in greater detail on the specifics of my services. If you have questions or feel we’d be a fit for each other, reach out directly to me at or via the contact form on this page.