My name is Tim Gmeiner, also recognized under the artist/musician name "ill poetic" and I am the sole owner and lead designer behind SoundRzn Graphic & Sound-Design. As a young performing music artist, I used to hate seeing my name billed alongside other artists on a poorly designed flyer and would feel turned off from even promoting the event. However, not promoting your shows as a local indie artist won't get you many new fans, so I began shyly asking promoters if I could re-design their flyers. Eventually other artists and promoters would ask who designed these flyers. Not shortly thereafter I'd go on to make my first $20 designing a show poster. That same year I would sell  my first beat for $40. I'd wisely spend the profits, along with most my food budget, on records (investment). And so with that first $60, SoundRzn Graphic & Sound-Design was informally born. Nearly a decade later, the company would become legally born, but that story isn't as exciting.

I've grown my company steadily and patiently over these years, crafting visual and audio media for an amazing group of creative and innovative clients who allow me the space to incorporate my creative streaks into their visions in hopes of ascending their ideas to higher and more unique levels. As an artist and client myself, I expect and appreciate a transparent service-provider who effectively communicates, collaborates and executes. I know how it feels to pass your baby into the ethers of an email exchange, praying you won't waste time, energy and money. It's not fun. I operate from this position for a range of clients; primarily independent artists and small businesses of various industry, and have been rewarded by getting the opportunity to work on innovative, successful and nationally recognized projects.

I've read a lot of books on how to write an effective company mission statement and bio. But none of that matters too much really. I'd rather you read links to press below, as well as testimonials of previous and current clients or even reach out to me personally to gain a better sense of what what I aim to achieve for you.



Arnold Sports Festival, Blueprint (Artist, Rhymesayers Ent.), Dr. Marc Williams, Fonsworth Bentley (Producer: Puffy, VH1), Ski Beatz (Producer: Jay-Z, Camp Lo), Jay Harris (ESPN), Stalley, TygerEye Entertainment, URBLife, Beat Box Records, B-Side Players, Woode Tribe Orchestra, DTA Public Radio, J. Rawls (Producer: Mos Def, Talib Kweli), Herbalists Without Borders



Blueprint (Rhymesayers Ent.), Red Pill, Mello Music Group, Slum Village, Aesop rock (Def Jux), Blitz The Ambassador, Slug (Atmosphere), Fringe Life (Arris Productions), Wordsworth (eMC, Lyricist Lounge), Liberty Tax Mutual, Muscle Basix, Jason Dhir.


(both under 'ill poetic' or via client work)

Rolling Stone,, XXL, The Source, VIBE , allhiphop, okayplayer, village voice,, and more.



2011 Fan Favorite Award (Top Prize) | Physis Films Showcase | The Enemies You Keep

2011 Official Selection | Stepping Stone Film Festival | The Enemies You Keep | 


2005 & 2008 | Cincinnati Citybeat Entertainment Award Nomination

2007-2013, 2016 | ohio hip-hop Award Nomination



"I’ve worked with many graphic designers in my fifteen-year career as an artist and label owner, but none that has been more consistent, versatile, and reliable than Soundrzn. I’ve had him working on a full range of projects—logos, flyers, album covers, and t-shirt designs—and he has delivered each with excellent quality. Furthermore, not only has he always delivered his work on time, there have been many instances where he exceeded expectations by turning it in before it was expected. Soundrzn is an affordable, reliable, and consistent graphic design service that I would highly recommend to anybody looking for quality graphic design." - Blueprint, label-owner/emcee/producer/author /

"Ill Poetic is one of the most professional artists we've had the pleasure of working with. His production and musical insight, along with his understanding of the business won us over as a fan throughout the entire process of creating "Instinctive Drowning." Rarely do you find a producer who can tap into emotion and create soundscapes the way Ill Poetic does." - Michael Tolle, Mello Music Group

"I have been working with SoundRzn Design now for over seven years, and from day one I've received quality service. The key element of getting good design work is the end product, of course, however the process of getting to a perfect result on a logo, artwork, promotional poster, etc. can be excruciating if you don't have the right team. SoundRzn always makes me feel more like a team member than a client, and the ease of working with someone on sometimes complicated projects is comforting. I can safely say that I'm always happy with the end results of our work together, and that keeps me coming back for more.

"Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin, when so many people didn't believe or only came around for the spotlight. You've sat up endless nights and weekends in the past year to support (our) projects no matter how many hours you worked your other gigs. You h ave made crafty and memorable art fromthe random ideas we have given you, and dealt with all my super nitpicky changes that a lot of others would have cried're a true soldier and good spirit, so people should know you're the f*cking best."  - Dove Clark, Founder: Tygereye Entertainment and UrbLife / XAppeal

"I was referred to SoundRZN by a videographer I worked with.  He designed a flyer for my company and since then they're the only graphic design company I work with. They've designed my flyers, posters, event programs,  logos, etc.  I also had to ask them to correct and complete a graphic design job for someone else.  They have a fast turnaround time which is always helpful. Very easy to get a hold of and find great ways to carry out a vision.  I live in the Midwest while SoundRZN is located in California, so it doesn't matter where you live.  I  definitely recommend SoundRZN, great and reliable company." - Ingrid Woode, singer/songwriter/musician 'The Woode Tribe Orchestra'

"Nothing but EXCELLENCE! I am honored and proud to have worked with SoundRzn these past seven years. People across our great nation rant and rave about the signature posters/flyers/programs they have developed for my company. I would highly recommend them without any hesitation!" - Dr. Marc Williams, CEO Williams Communications

"This business came highly recommended by a friend and fellow entrepreneur. She said they were easy to work with and affordable. So, I hired this company for a logo design. I enjoyed working with Tim so much I also had him do our business cards, flyers, banners and some website artwork. The level of professionalism doesn't take away from the courtesy and friendly nature of this company. They work well with (and don't judge!) people who know what they want, and people who are trying something new. They seem to be truly invested in helping small businesses upgrade their image without breaking the bank. I greatly appreciate my very small start-up being treated like a professional business as well as a valued client. I'm happy to see they've finally gotten a Yelp page so others know what kind of great work they've been doing for so long!" - Grandma Witch, Herb Apothocary

"I reached out to Tim for some production a while back for one of my projects. We had mutual friends, and he contacted me back very quickly. I was sent some samples; all very high quality. We decided on terms and I had some tracks sent via Dropbox to me promptly. Tim even went back and edited one of his productions to better appease the song. I'm happy to call him a colleague and respect, and appreciate his advice and work." - Charlie Beans, artist/producer/engineer